Trust Common Good

A snowboard and ski film series exploring identity, community, belonging—and what they mean to our survival as a species

The Story

We are complex humans—Latinas charting our own path forward as we discover our connections to self, each other, land, and community in places we’re erased, minimized, and undervalued.

Yet it is our communion on common ground (this land) that makes us who we are as much as charts our path forward.

Backcountry skiing and snowboarding are our mediums. Narrative storytelling is our mode, the way we show how the land empowers us to uncover who we truly are.

This is a story about people and place, identity and community.
This is a story about becoming.

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The Team

Sarah Lee Steele

Producer, Well Travelled | Sarah’s mission is to empower diverse and historically underrepresented voices in media and support changemakers looking to leverage tech for storytelling.

Sophie Danison

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Sophie focuses on the intersection of the outdoors and advocacy: with a deep drive to be outside, she has edited film and video centering fly fishing to big mountain skiing and rafting to rock climbing.

Leslie Hittmeier

PHOTOGRAPHER | Leslie is a photographer and cinematographer based in Montana. She’s passionate about using powerful imagery to showcase those who have a story to tell. She’s committed to doing what it takes to capture the raw action of what is going on in front of her lens.


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Word on the Street

"OUTLIER is a love letter to BIPOC folks in the outdoors, a wake-up call to the wider outdoor community, and an "I see you" to anyone who has ever struggled to confidently know they belong."
Faith Eve Briggs
In this divisive time where we as a society struggle to find any bridges between different ideologies and identities, OUTLIER creates a platform for all of us to find common ground and celebrate our differences, together to create a better tomorrow for everyone.
Jake Black Protect Our Winters
Jake Black
Director of Programs, Protect Our Winters

Connect the dots to stories lost…

...and draw new lines along the way.

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