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Trust Common Good

An episodic backcountry documentary film exploring identity, community, and belonging—and what they mean to our survival as a species

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Trust is the foundation of our backcountry relationships: with ourselves, each other, and even the land, these are the spaces that define us. Yet in this process of becoming—alpinists, ski partners, Latinas, ourselves—snowboarder Dani Reyes-Acosta and skier Lani Bruntz learn that the journey isn’t just the destination.

We have to believe that our pursuit is not pointless, that our will to survive and thrive takes us somewhere. Maybe, just beyond our pain and suffering, we’ll find the redemption of the infinite.

THE OUTLIER SERIES: stories about people and place, identity and community.
This is the story of becoming.

We are complex humans—Latinas charting our own path forward as we discover our connections to self, each other, land, and community in places we’re erased, minimized, and undervalued.

Yet it is our communion on common ground (this land) that makes us who we are as much as charts our path forward.

Backcountry skiing and snowboarding are our mediums. Narrative storytelling is our mode, the way we show how the land empowers us to uncover who we truly are.

Notes From Friends

"In this divisive time where we as a society struggle to find any bridges between different ideologies and identities, OUTLIER creates a platform for all of us to find common ground and celebrate our differences, together to create a better tomorrow for everyone."
Jake Black, Protect Our Winters Director of Programs
"OUTLIER is a love letter to BIPOC folks in the outdoors, a wake-up call to the wider outdoor community, and an "I see you" to anyone who has ever struggled to confidently know they belong."

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a nomad creativa film, in association with travelled colective presents
"outlier, trust"
directed by faith e briggs, dani reyes-acosta
produced by sarah lee steele edited by ida joglar
director of photography sophie danison cinematography leslie hittmeier
drone corey robinson
additional cinematography corey robinson, jesse levine, isaiah branch-boyle
with splitboarder Dani Reyes-Acosta and skier Lani Bruntz
featuring music from y la bamba executive producer dani reyes-acosta