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If you support women in film, new perspectives on our belonging in nature, and the leadership of marginalized voices, NOW is the time to show up. 

Our Changing World

Natural phenomena mirror human experiences: in OUTLIER, Nature is her own character bringing every facet of herself to the screen. How do you see your experiences reflected outside?  

Episode 1: Fire

Climate Change is Making Wildfires Worse — Here’s How

From North Carolina to California, much of the United States is expected to face increased wildfire risk as rising greenhouse gas emissions bring warmer temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns.

Read More from NC State University.

Wildfire and Climate Change

Wildfires are an essential part of forest and rangeland health. However, as climate conditions become hotter and drier, wildfires have grown more intense and destructive across much of the U.S. To help address this threat, USGS develops state-of-the-art science to assess the effects of changing climate on wildfire patterns. This information is invaluable for fire management across the country.

Read More from the USGS

As Seen In Episode 1, TRUST:

THE PACK CREEK FIRE: THE UGLY, THE BAD & THE GOOD …by Jim Stiles – Canyon Country Zephyr

Episode 2: Water

Why Snowpack Is So Critical to Life in the West

Millions of people in the U.S. rely on the melting of snow for drinking water, agriculture, and more. But even amid near-record snows in California, snowpack levels are steadily declining.

Read More from National Geographic.

The World Of Change 

From water levels in Lake Powell to receding Antarctic Sea Ice to snowpack in the Sierra Nevada, NASA compiles a collection of data visualizations that help us understand how water (in all her forms) affects our daily lives.

Read More from NASA.

As Seen In Episode 2, COMMON:


Community Impact Partners

These partners bring our mission—reframing how women, particularly women of color, are portrayed in action sports media—to life. We work together to elevate the role women play in community-building, creating opportunities for all of us to grow and thrive, together.

Request a Screening

The OUTLIER series is more than just a film: it’s a platform to spark conversation, cultural connection, and personal inquiry.

Our team pairs screenings with outdoor activities, professional development, facilitated discussion, and more to achieve all of the above (and more).

Now accepting requests for winter 2024-2025

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